Austin Talley is an 8 generation Texan, a Christian, a veteran, and true conservative.

Family Heritage

Austin’s is a member of a long line of brave Texans’ to serve our country.

James Clinton Neill

Neill entered the Texas militia as a captain of artillery. When fighting began, Neill was at the center of the action. On October 2, 1835, he was a participant of the skirmish at Gonzales. John Holland Jenkins recorded that Neill actually “fired the first gun for Texas at the beginning of the revolution”-the famous Gonzales “Come and Take It” cannon.

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Edward Burleson

A native of North Carolina, Edward Burleson came to Texas in 1830 and is perhaps best remembered for his distinguished service as a military leader during the Texas Revolution. He later entered public service as a member of the Texas Legislature from Bastrop County, and was the second man to be elected vice president of the Republic of Texas.

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Yorick D. Mathes

A World War I veteran was commissioned by President Herbert Hoover to start the Veteran Administration aimed to provide care and assistance for those who honorably served our county.

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Don W. Talley

His Father is an Air Force Veteran, Class of 77’ University of Texas and Class of 93’ Texas A&M International, twenty-three year law enforcement Special Agent (Ret.).